My birthday can't get here fast enough

I'm the kind of person that believes things feel better if you work to own them. I have been saving money to buy my own things: my laptop, my phone, my iPod, and so on. Overall I have spent over 1000€ on the items I use daily. My next step is to save money to buy one of these cameras. They are not too expensive considering their potential however I will have to wait 4 months to have one, damn.



I just wanted to share with you some of my inspirations. Instead of going through fashion magazines (which, in all honesty, I don't), I search the internet for inspirational blogs with the latest trends and that way I'm able to keep up with everything without having to look through the magazines.
These particular photos are from random blogs I have come across throughout the past few months so I'm sorry if I don't give you credit, I can't really remember, but you're all great. 


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